First Aid

The Heartstart Course is a basic 3 hour life saving skills course which covers Emergency Life Support to preserve life for all cadets and staff. The course is recognized by the British Heart Foundation and is a fiarly short course, typically lasting around 2 hours and covers the following:

  • Deal with an unconscious personheartstartlogo
  • Recognise a heart attack and a cardiac arrest
  • Perform CPR
  • Deal with choking
  • Respond to serious bleeding

Young First Aider (YFA)
The Young First Aider course is held over 12 weeks and covers common first aid subjects to provide a good knowledge of first aid to allow application. The course is available for all cadets up to the age of 16. Cadets who complete the course will be awarded the red first aid badge and it can also count towards a skill as part of a Duke of Edinburgh Award.st_john_youth_first_aid_red_badge



Activity First Aider (AFA)
The AFA is a professionally recognised first aid qualification. The AFA consists of 12 hours continuous training and is available to cadets and staff over the age of 16. Completion of the coursefagreenbadge meets the criteria for the cadet green first aid badge.


First Aid At Work (FAAW)
FAAW is a HSE accredited first aid qualification. The FAAW consists of 3 days of continuous training and is available to cadets and staff over 18